Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WW: The inner voice of government?

Wimal Weerawansa plays a useful role for the Government. He voices opinions or carries out acts that more respectable members of Government would rather not do. Thus a message can sent without embarrassment, if the opinions or actions come in for criticism the Government can safely distance itself from it.

A case in point is the incident at the UN mission, or his later fast.

He has now issued a statement on the death of Gaddafi that surely comes from the heart.

The regime has viewed the 'Arab Spring' with barely disguised horror. The state media gave the matter minimal coverage, with various columnists sniping on the usual theme of hypocrisy. Gaddafi however was a special friend and his passing was surely mourned, yet fearful of annoying a potentially useful supplier of oil/credit no official statement praising the late leader could be issued. Wimal Weerawansa obligingly steps into the breech.

Who needs wikileaks when we have the voice of Wimal?


The Puppeteer said...

But why is he putting himself in that position? Though I'm guessing it might be that the risk out weighs the benefits of being a tool for the government.

Jack Point said...

I think so too, he probably well looked after.