Saturday, October 08, 2011

Three killed in election violence

Two politicians from the same party, neither of who is actually contesting the municipal election (for the position of mayor) engage in a shoot out that has claimed three lives.

Does that make sense to anybody?

One of the politicians is dead, the other is in hospital, but if neither was contesting and both belonged to the same party then one wonders what caused the violence. Speculation on the street suggests a turf battle over business.

Another news report links it to a killing the day before. Both were thought to be supporting rival candidates, who would presumably return favours if elected.

In the meantime, rumours are that Bharatha Lakshman's supporters have taken the fight to the streets, torching shops and rioting. A police curfew is apparently in place is some areas.

Why so much excitement over an election that most voters are not taking very seriously? There must be more booty than we thought, in the Municipal Council and it may the stepping stone to greater things.

Seeing what things are getting on the electoral ladder makes one wonder if its time to board the next ship that is sailing out of Colombo.

Some links that point to a possible cause, this took place in the same area as the shooting.


n said...

MR and Gota claim to have won the war singlehandedly...yet cannot seem to be able to overlook a relatively minor election without this kind of nonsense happening...what a bunch of jokers.

Jack Point said...

Could it even be a result of the war policy?

Or is it that security is sought through arms, so every politician has armed bodyguards around, but are they really more secure?

Patta Pal said...

The level to which the drug business has entered including the President by association, warrants a thorough evaluation and investigation, by the Police.

However, the police not being independent of the executive has caused a permanent state of lawlessness, where blame can only be place squarely at the top.