Monday, October 03, 2011

What the heck is wrong with Blogger?

Every time I try to put a hyperlink into the text of a post I get some garbage being posted.

This piece of random text gets thrown in somewhere on the post:

Even if something wrong was being pasted, I would expect it to paste where the cursor was placed, but no, this text can lodge itself anywhere on the post, sometimes where it was intended, sometimes where it was not.

The actual link itself gets pasted either next to the above or where I intended it to go.

What gives?

I have been experiencing this for a couple of months, does anyone know what to do about it? Its very irritating to have to keep going back and editing and re-editing posts, especially when one doing so sneakily during normal office hours.


Lady divine said...

hmm... I've never had a problem with posting links..

are you on the new interface?

Jack Point said...

It looks exactly the same as before. I click on the icon, its the third from the left (looks like a paper clip turned on its side). When I click on it a dialogue box opens, requesting the URL which I paste.

Its supposed insert the hyperlink but I usually get the added blank text which I have to delete. Sometimes the link gets posted in the wrong location.

Angel said...

Mine work just fine, and I'm sorry I have no techie suggestions...

PP said...

hmm, i've never had any issues with links or pictures either, and i both email posts in as well as create in blogger itself. maybe write about the issue in one of the blogger help forums? they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Jack Point said...

Damn. It must be something I'm doing, let me check those forums.