Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Strange feelings

I've recently experienced some slightly unusual emotions when dealing with friends and associates in matters involving money.

For example when I've been toying around with the idea of selling my car, when people I know have offered prices significantly below my own expectations, I experience feelings of annoyance and irritation. It is almost like an insult.

When total strangers offer lower prices they can simply be dismissed with no further emotional involvement.

Is it that when dealing with known parties one is unconsciously letting ones guard down hence the susceptibility to feel insulted?

If friends approach the subject of a lower bid gently and in a roundabout way then the propensity to feel insulted is far less, its the sudden let down that seems to bruise the ego.

The problem is worse when dealing with someone who is much richer - there is almost a feeling of attempted exploitation. Why does he need to worry so much about money? He has so much, why is he trying to deprive me of what is due? are the thoughts that tend to spring to mind, mixed with feelings of anger and annoyance.

Mind you, this is just for an open offer, with no obligation to take it. I'm free to refuse at anytime and have done so many times, but it still leaves some rather unpleasant emotions for a while.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar or am I just hypersensitive ?


Dee said...

aio dont be insulted. its just that everyone is trying to survive in their own way. just like you. :) think of that whenever someone annoys you by giving you a different experience that what you expected. ! <3

Jack Point said...

Hey, thanks Dee:)

Cadence said...

Agree with Dee. You could also avoid low offers by mentioning a 'therabout' figure?

Jack Point said...

Yes, Cadence I suppose so. I did mention figures in a couple of instances - but ended up with low offers anyway:(

maf said...

one of my friends used to refuse to sell anything to a friend - no matter what they offered - on the assumption that money should not come between friends. most of us do not have that luxury but i know what you mean about the tension one feels when dealing with people one is acquainted with. I have worked as a consultant on an off and been approached to do some work for friends and hate when they haggle. I try to tell them this is my discounted rate and my market rate in Singapore is about 3-4x.

Jack Point said...

Thanks for dropping by MAF, any idea on how one can remove the spam comments that seem to keep coming on to my blog?

Angel said...

Sigh I know what you mean, and sometimes Darling and I also resort to the "no ganu-denu with friends" rule. Don't feel bad luv, it's only natural

Dilantha said...

People are expecting your car price to drop since the taxes were lowered. I wouldn't sell unless you really need right now.

Jack Point said...

Thanks Angel, apologies for the late posting of your comment, have just got the hang of working the spam filter.

Good advice Dilantha and thanks for dropping by. Have given up the idea of selling the car.