Saturday, June 21, 2014

"No Limit" outlet in Panadura Petrol bombed

Update from Twitter 10:40pm 21st June

Tense situation has been reported in Panadura as reports emerge of people stoning houses. Police and STF have been deployed

Panic situ in Thottawatte and Sarikamulla STF and Police have been deployed in the area


Some unidentified persons who had arrived in Thotawatte Panadura has attacked 2 house n dissapared on being confronted by residents#lka

Updates from Twitter- 11am, 21st June

The Muslim-owned "No Limit" stores' outlet in Panadura was attacked in the early hours of this morning, possibly with petrol bombs. Fortunately nobody appears to have been hurt but the store is in flames. Four fire brigade trucks are currently attempting to douse the fire.

The Daily Mirror has reported that the fire may have been caused by an electrical fault. However employees, who were sleeping in the staff quarters, and neighbours have both apparently said they heard 10 explosions from the store.

Recent updates from Twitter reproduced verbatim below, images & tweets from Rifas M Kaleel, Dinouk Colombage and Navamani:

This motorcycle was burnt outside the store, GM of store asks how could internal electrical fire cause this.

STF keeping agitated crowd yelling police 2 arrest those responsible over burning of No Limit store

Crowd building outside burn No Limit store. Police trying to clear them away

 STF using armored vehicle to clear crowd that is becoming agitated with police

Employees, who were sleeping in the staff quarters, and neighbours have both said they heard 10 explosions from the store

General Manager of the store says 4 employees were sleeping in staff quarters at the time of the fire. No injuries reported.

Police believe petrol bombs may have been used to start the fire. 

CcTV cameras outside are undamaged, however, police believe main tapes inside are destroyed.

Retired policeman, who lives next to the store, claims several explosions took place beginning at 2.30am.

Armed soldiers are now joining the STF to "maintain the peace" in Panadura.

Witnesses say several men were seen fleeing from the direction of the store shortly before the fire. Police say they have no suspects.

Armored STF being dispatched around the town of Panadura to ensure no further issues arise.



Anonymous said...

immediate actions should be taken on this terrorist activity

Jack Point said...


Unless a very stern message goes out that the state intends to uphold the law, we can end up in anarchy.

Anonymous said...

Don't post fucking bulshits

still police doing investigations.
do you racists wanna another war?

Anonymous said...

The Best Part is - The Police Station, Panadura is only just Five Feet away.

Anonymous said...

This is a insurance scam.don't get exited.first there was a drug scandal now this lets wait and see.

B.I* said...

I'm not sure what the deal is with Daily Mirror these days. I find it amusing, journalists seem to have to hide behind "responsible reporting" and reporting the truth. How convenient gnansara gets to stand on a stage and bellow out blatant racist rants, but reporting the news may incite further incidents.

Gotta love our country.

Anonymous said...

I too wanted to believe the drug story..but a friend of mine, enlightened me.
The CCTV tapes are already leaked to the media and therefore the No-Limit incident is related as well.

The war my friend, is being encouraged not by the free media, but by your fucking government!

Anonymous said...

It Means Muslims are Successful in their business while we the Lazy Sinhalese drinking 30% of our earning and left nothing. Its a shameful incident which downgrade our sinhala race as JELOUS....

Jack Point said...

It's a sad story I'm afraid.

We know whose behind it and we can guess at the motive but are our rulers so venal that they will risk such destruction just for power?

They have enjoyed the taste of power, it must surely have driven them mad.