Monday, June 16, 2014

Anti Muslim violence

Update 17th June:

Given the media blackout on the events, the main source of information is Twitter. Search for and follow updates from #Aluthgama. For those without Twitter accounts check Groundviews, for some updates. There is also a new report from DBS Jeyaraj.

The latest round of violence is the inevitable  result of a campaign that started about a year and a half ago. I put up a number of posts on the subject, which I have now tagged under one label for easy access. 

There is still a dearth of information but columnist DBS Jeyaraj has put up a summary of the latest events and incidents that  on his blog and the Daily FT also carries a report.


Anonymous said...

all over the world has islamic racialism, terrorism, but here you calls it like this. was that a joke?

Liberal One said...

Do you even know the causality figures before you make this into your typical anti Sinhalese thing? Personally I don't and it is very irresponsible of the government not to come up with an official announcement about what is going on.

sam said...

@anonymous: The difference being that Sri Lankan Muslims are a peaceful and entrepreneurial lot. They are wealth creators. Even the people who are attacking them have said that they want to curtail Muslim's political and economic influence. They are jealous of Muslims.

B.I* said...

I am amused by the many ruffled feathers of the "true patriots" of our sinhala buddhist nation, the true defenders of I'm not entirely sure what since there won;t be much left to defend if this continues... how lame people cannot outright just say "this is wrong, whoever instigates this should be in prison."

Instead you find these comments about muslims all over the world. I am at a loss for words. Ridiculous and paranoid rhetoric, funny enough, echoes the same messages the Nazis used against the Jews.

Keep posting please, at least someone cares. It gives me hope! :)