Wednesday, June 04, 2014

A response to Dayan Jayatilleka's Post Election 2015 Scenario

Dayan Jayatilleka has written something about a possible post election scenario.

Well I must say Mr Jayatilleka seems to have awoken from a deep slumber to find that the stuff his nightmares have come to life.

He claims "an entirely predictable response to perceptions of external and ethnic siege from afar and the ‘near abroad’. We have the Gang of Four of David Cameron, Samantha Power, Jayalalitha and Navi Pillay to thank for the prospective radicalization"

What utter nonsense. 

For those of us who were wide awake while Mr Jayatilleka was speaking up and standing up for the regime, these trends were apparent from the very start of 2005, from the time the family descended en-masse from all corners of the globe.

I first looked at the issue in 2008 and more recently a couple of months ago.

He goes on to say "The North will get the Gaza treatment. In the South the Weliweriya Doctrine will be more in evidence than not. There will be “two, three, many” Rathupaswelas. "

The Weliveriya doctrine, as Mr Jayatilleka terms it is only the logical result of the culture of impunity that prevailed in the military that enabled the war victory. It follows incidents in Chilaw (fisherman killed), Katunayake (worker killed, factories smashed by Government goons) and a couple of others. The war victory was a result of a no-holds barred, assault. Whether these tactics went against the rules of war we cannot tell, but there is a lot of very uncomfortable material that is surfacing.

As for this:

"The hard-line will include neo-isolationism in foreign relations, a firmer positioning on an Islamabad–Beijing axis, and greater reliance on Israel.

Is this not already already very much in evidence? I agree though that this will get worse, so we will be keeping company with Zimbabwe and other rogue states.

As for the election, it is not the opposition candidate that will matter. I reckon that all that will matter is the quantum of resources the rulers will pour into the election (state, crony, and perhaps (shockingly) even some personal funds?) and how many they are prepared to kill.

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