Friday, August 15, 2008

Who succeeds The Chief?

Not much is certain in life other than Death and Taxes but in the barbarous lands south of India one more certainty exists: the Chief will rule until 2017. He may well stay on a bit longer if he feels like it, but eventually either time or fate will intervene and he will go.

The question is who succeeds him?

The man who has the ambition and scheming mind necessary to succeed, and who, on account of seniority and fairness should succeed him is brother Basil. After all, it is he who is suspected of sowing the seeds of suspicion that have destroyed all rivals and it is thought to be he who has the big plans for the ruling family. Age also plays a factor and he cannot afford to wait too long to succeed to the Lion Throne.

Son Namal, who counts the hereditary principle of succession on his side may have other ideas. He is also said to hate his uncle and may well fight him for the position, especially if he feels that once ensconced, he may well work a path of succession for his own offspring. The wife of the Chief would doubtless support her son over her brother-in-law in this venture.

Brother Chamal is too old and is unlikely to throw his hat into the ring, but Brother Gota, with the army on his side may be a contender but his political ambitions are a mystery.

Such are the intrigues that beset the courts of ancient times and have now returned to haunt the land.

Does any observer of the proceedings have a view on this?


Rine said...

How depressing.. its as Hamlet said 'To be or not to be' for the rest of us!

TheWhacksteR said...

spooky.. though i dont think his kid will stand much of a chance and his brother will have to make that propaganda machine much harder. but im talking in the context of the current democracy (however ripped and damaged it may be). but iv been having a spooky feeling that we could be heading on the path to an autocracy already. Oh for a healthy opposition party with some BACKBONE!

Jack Point said...

Its not only the opposition that is the problem - it is the institutions. Power is never given up willingly. One is removed from office by the threat of disgrace and/or outster by Parliament, The Courts and the Press who wil raise such a racket that it becomes impossible to stay. This is how it should be in a democracy.

When the instutions that check the executive are neutered then the executive can reign untroubled for a long time.