Friday, August 22, 2008

New job

I started a new job a few weeks back and work has been hectic. It leaves me little time to check the gossip on Kottu and almost no time for any blogging.

I've also not read a daily newspaper since I started work and I seem to be much happier for it.

You see the gym has become a bit of a habit so I do need to visit at least thrice a week and since I'm an evening person when it comes to the gym I need to get off work in time. Luckily the office has flexi-hours so I generally aim to get in by 7.30 or so in the morning so I can legitimately push off at about 5 in the evening. The problem is that the early start in the morning:

1. Prevents me from doing any reading before work.
2. Mean I have to go to bed early (by around 10 or 11 at the latest) otherwise I can't get up in the morning.

Which means I have only the evenings free. On the gym days its about 8.30 by the time that I'm free which means that it is only two days of the week where I have a full evening free, which is cutting into my reading time.

The problem is I do need to read and sometimes to think and reflect, so the limited time needs to be allocated profitably so out go the newspapers and quality material substituted.

As I said I'm happier not knowing the news. I went to pick someone up yesterday and glanced through the papers that were there while waiting and I found them positively amusing. Things have got so ridiculous here that when viewed with the benefit of distance they become hilarious and this I think is the key to survival in any bananaland.

Sticking ones head firmly in the stand is the best way and I guess thats what a lot of people do unconsciously, trapped as they are in the regular rat race.


N said...

Sigh...tell me about it...I get into work at 8, leave at 5.30-6.00 wiht a half hour lunch, gym for an hour, add drive time (which can be a fair amount in SoCal), 8 hours sleep (though its usually more like 6.5-7, some relax time and it really doesn't leave me much time for blogging or catching up on news and even less than for reflection. Oh the wonders of the rat race...

realskullzero said...

haha..quite true jester quite true..the gym really has a great impact..also the other thin im stuck is the weekend classes..which really takes a toll on my schedule..these days are relatively free but in a few weeks the whole ordeal of gettin "thru exams while working" would start up!! Arrghh..

hmm guess the system has quite an impact on us..:D

pissu perera said...

good luck with the new job. you certainly aren't missing much by not reading the news, but it must suck to not have much time for anything other than the rats and the race. i could be wrong, but i suppose that's what's wrong with the country. everybody's too busy running their own personal races to care too much about what happens around them. vicious cycle, that.

Jack Point said...

Thanks Pissu. Actually Kottu has gone downhill a lot, now I tend to just read the my favourite blogs and not try to catch up everything. I'm saving up reading your last post until afternoon.

I was out of the rat race for while but the problem with that is one ends up a bit bored and also broke.

What is needed is just enough stress to keep one occupied but not so much that it eats up quality time, which seems quite impossible to achieve. *sigh*

pissu perera said...

i hear you about kottu going downhill. that's one reason i went off it. problem is, most of my favourite bloggers seem to have stopped blogging regularly. i suppose life got in the way, so i've been left bored at work :D

Spider said...

oh really? are tihngs going downhill?
but yes, i can imagine! a whole day of work + gym! gosh! that's got to be tiring day!