Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sri Lanka's warm diplomatic relations with Sudan

I friend called me yesterday to inform me of the happy news he had heard on the SLBC that Sri Lanka enjoys warm relations with Sudan. This is a clever move by Sri Lanka's roving diplomats. Sudan is rich in oil and gas and perhaps they could be persuaded to supply Sri Lanka on credit. Iran has apparently not been paid for all its supplies upto now and since payment must presumably be made at some date, it is possible to roll things over by getting extra credit from another supplier.

I was searching for some news on this topic and came across what looks like a Sudanese news site. There is a lot of interesting stuff, some of which I will quote here.


The Sudanese authorities had staged a counter campaign to Amnesty International. Many government-owned organisations and trade unions had issued statements denouncing Amnesty International's report on Sudan. A statement by the government-appointed Sudanese Labour Union, said that "the report targets Sudan and its religious and traditional values which are based on the respect of human rights". Another statement by the Sudanese Businessmen Association condemned the report and added that "this Organisation and those behind her are trying to exert pressure on Sudan to abandon its Islamic orientation and its civilised project. These accusations against Sudan are baseless and not supported by any proof. All Sudanese people live in peace and harmony in all its cities, towns and villages....

Sri Lanka's friendship is proven in the following report:


The UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, had on Wednesday 8 March 1995, expressed 'deep concern at continued serious human rights violations in Sudan'. The resolution condemning Sudan for abuses including torture, summary executions and slavery, was endorsed by a vote of 33 for, 7 against and 10 abstentions....

...Those who voted against are: China, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

Sri Lanka also established diplomatic relations with Eritrea last year. The Asian Tribune wondered why

"n a report prepared by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee last December it was alleged that Eritrean government was providing direct assistance to Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil Tiger rebels.

Eritrea has been singled out by the international community, the United Nations and other international rights organizations as blatant violator of human rights, keeping a large number of ‘prisoners of conscience’ in jails for prolonged periods, its intolerance to dissent, disregard for rule of law and giving military assistance to many insurgent/terrorist groups around the world."

As Alice remarked, curious and curiouser.

"When Sri Lanka is currently waging a global diplomatic defensive campaign to clear her name it is unimaginable as to what motivated her to establish diplomatic ties with Eritrea which has no elected democratic government for the past one an half decades, no rule of law and respect for human rights, accused of providing military assistance to insurgents and terrorists in other countries, no constitutional guarantees for the 3.5 million citizens and utter disregard for dissent and free speech with thousands of ‘prisoners of conscience’ languishing in jails."

Meanwhile Prime Minister Wickremanayake attacked the hypocrites

`Chemical weapons are weapons of terrorism. There are no peaceful uses for chemical weapons he said adding that when the British used gas to kill hundreds of Kurdish people in their wars in West Asia, early last century it was terrorism.

The arch imperialist Churchill justified it saying that `It is all right to kill niggers`. That was the white mans attitude, a lack of feeling for people of a different colour that accompanied the dropping of atomic bombs which massacred hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War II and those were weapons of mass destruction and that was terrorism. That was by the Americans, who were later to accuse Iraq s Saddam Hussein of possessing weapons of mass destruction, despite the testimony of their own inspectors, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Wickremanayake explained.

Way to go PM, if they can do it and get away with it, why should we be accused of wrongdoing?

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