Sunday, August 31, 2008


Over the last couple of weeks the public has been treated to the sight of various worthies grinning to the cameras as they collect awards on behalf of their organisations, ranging from the BOI to the Chamber of Commerce.

Now, the hottest gossip in Colombo the latest to be bestowed with the honour is none other than the LTTE.

In the category of Currently-Operating-Terrorist-Group he is a clear winner, other contenders such as Karuna's TMVP not even in the running and therefore quite deserves it. In fact he insists on it. We are reliably told that he has made an offer to Superbrands that they simply could not refuse and they are packing off a team to Kilinochichi post-haste.

The best news is that unlike the organisations in the South that had to cough up a few millions for the privilege of being included amongst the Superbrands the LTTE will only pay the princely sum of one bottle of palmyrah toddy for identical service.

Hows that for marketing savvy?

"Its the sheer power of the brand itself that we have leveraged to get the discount", explained VP, the spokesman for the group "which proves that it really does have marketable value".


scrabby said...

Congratulations on a very witty blog post. I will reserve my comments simply because the post itself was quite humourous and I will if nothing else appreciate the humour.

Your comment on the "Serendib_isle" blog post brought me to your own blogspot. Unfortunately I don't think the latter will publish any comments setting him straight as that contradicts his own ignorant statements. (comments on his blog are moderated)

I market a brand that is a Superbrand here as well as internationally and the point I was trying to make on Serendib_isle's blog was that he is obviously rather misinformed about Superbrands. Anyone interested should speak to a brand that IS a Superbrand (or to the company that runs the program here) to get the correct facts. In short, having worked in the UK myself, all I can say is that the way Superbrands operates here is entirely in line with the way it operates in the rest of the world. Not a scam as serendib_isle so maliciously makes it out to be...!!!

Jack Point said...

Thanks Scrabby.

I wrote a more serious post where I've aired my concerns on the subject here:

I'm not a marketing man but I am interested in business and its workings so feel free to send me your views.

N B said...

Hah haa :-)
Suckerbrand Sucks. Couldn't have said it better :-) Glad to know sanity still prevails in paradise and people do know this is the mockery of the century !!!!!