Sunday, March 06, 2016

The quiet of the afternoon

For me, the early part of an afternoon, just after lunch on a holiday, has a serenity that no other time of day can match. 

The light is bright, almost brilliant but it never seems harsh. Despite the heat- it is far too hot to be walking around outside, contemplating the surroundings from the shade of a drawing room or a verandah is a strangely therapeutic experience.

Partly, it is the quiet - there is very little movement around, people are all indoors, resting. Even the animals and birds are silent, except for an occasional caw from a crow. The only sounds are of the trees and the wind, rustling the leaves.

There are no chores or errands to be run. This is the time for a quiet glance through the papers or to read a book. It is the space between lunch time and nap time, both equally appealing on a holiday. 

The weekends are a precious thing, but the morning and the evenings tend to be busy with errands or friends. The afternoon is a time of solitude and rest. Perhaps this is its appeal?

It must seem a bit strange, finding something appealing in the hottest time of day. Is this just me? Does anyone else feel the same?