Sunday, March 06, 2016

The quiet of the afternoon

For me, the early part of an afternoon, just after lunch on a holiday, has a serenity that no other time of day can match. 

The light is bright, almost brilliant but it never seems harsh. Despite the heat- it is far too hot to be walking around outside, contemplating the surroundings from the shade of a drawing room or a verandah is a strangely therapeutic experience.

Partly, it is the quiet - there is very little movement around, people are all indoors, resting. Even the animals and birds are silent, except for an occasional caw from a crow. The only sounds are of the trees and the wind, rustling the leaves.

There are no chores or errands to be run. This is the time for a quiet glance through the papers or to read a book. It is the space between lunch time and nap time, both equally appealing on a holiday. 

The weekends are a precious thing, but the morning and the evenings tend to be busy with errands or friends. The afternoon is a time of solitude and rest. Perhaps this is its appeal?

It must seem a bit strange, finding something appealing in the hottest time of day. Is this just me? Does anyone else feel the same?


Anonymous said...

For me it's the first hour of waking up on a weekend/holiday. Which strangely is rather early.

The space between putting on the kettle,drawing the curtains and settling down on the sofa with a cup of coffee. I am not one for solitude,but this hour before the house wakes,I crave. Just one hour,one cup of coffee and quiet.I refer to it as the calm before the storm :)

Jack Point said...

Nice. Thanks for dropping by and sharing that, notesonmirrors :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Post lunch was definitely the most tranquil time. Well at least that was the case before my little girl came along -_-

Jack Point said...

Thanks for dropping by Delilah, good to see you are still around.