Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anti - Muslim violence breaks out

Reports are emerging on Twitter of what appears to be a wave of anti-muslim violence that has broken out in Aluthgama, Beruwala and other parts of the Western coast. The trigger appears to have been the BBS rally held in Aluthgama this afternoon.

Pictures from The Virakesari Twitter feed:

Pictures of unrest also available on the BBC Sinhala FB page.

Summary of tweets below (updated to 10pm, 15th June 2014):

Under "indefinite" police curfew: Aluthgama (clashes Thurs & 2day) & now Beruwala (one of oldest settlements in ).

Rpts: Muslim shops burnt, Buddhist rally stoned, police teargas; seq of events unclear. Muslim homes/mosque later stoned: witnesses
Police blanket being imposed on media. Many being stopped from entering Aluthgama now
Police refusing to comment, phone of spokesperson now switched off
Reports from the ground in #Aluthgama: crowds gathering again on Masjijd Road, Hospital Road, Simon Silva road. 
The tense situation in is worsening, got a call from Aluthgama. All land line cut. Where is the media? Government? 

400 STF deployed in . Situation calmer in Dhargatown now. Some reports of violence in New Town area. DT mosque has called for calm
At least 10 shops were under fire in Aluthgama according to Lankadeepa, Police spokesman says situation normalised now 
Reports of houses being torched in Meeri Penna, Sapula Kanda Road, Aluthgama. 

Police curfew announced in Beruwela, as attacks reported from many areas, Police to provide security for all mosque around Sri Lanka.

video journalist attacked in aluthgama tenese situation.he's camara also break by mobs.

Tense situ reported from Kotiyakubura, Group led by Buddhist monks protesting against a new school constructed with Kuwait embassy funds

Muslim Council of welcomes Police curfew and urges Govt. and Police to protect Muslims and their estalishments

"I don't know who attacked first but once clash started it was like a war " BBC reporter in Aluthgama who escaped unhurt

Houses torched in Kotapitiya, Mathugama. Mosque attacked in Panadura: reports.

Attack on Muslims n business premises by BBS mob brought from outside area was planned attempt to provoke Muslims to retialiate n clash  

Police curfew announced in Aluthgama after clashes between Sinhala & Muslim groups, at least 2 TV journalist attacked
The above are reproduced verbatim from Twitter. I have no independent information to cross-check the above but readers are invited to provide any further information available. 

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Anonymous said...

Attacks are continues while curfew in process. , ( firing houses, vehicles, business premises , etc,.)
Plz help medias!!!!! Wher r u SIRASA, HIRU, CNN????? CURFEW only for mislims????