Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beautiful old films on Ceylon

A friend of mine sent me a a really charming old film on Ceylon. It is a travel documentary and was made in 1931. A quick search revealed a couple more. You can view them at the links below.

Charming Ceylon 1931

Tropical Ceylon 1932

1960s cine home movie featuring Ceylon and Singapore

Also a montage of old postcards on Ceylon is available here

Youtube never ceases to amaze.

Another old film that I have been looking for is Basil Wright's Song of Ceylon, made in 1934 for the Ceylon Tea Marketing Board. Interestingly the narrator is Lionel Wendt. At one time it was considered to one of the top ten greatest films ever.

Details (but unfortunately no clips) of the film are available here and here.

If anyone else knowns where to find old films on Ceylon please let me know.


Anonymous said...

How about "the bridge on the river Kwai" ?? is available as a torrent. Search on Isohunt.
It is a film made in Sri Lanka...Quite good.

Jack Point said...

Thanks Sachithvida. Actually I was hoping for things about Ceylon, documentaries, newsreels etc perhaps even an old advertisement or two.

cerno said...

Here's a link to a streaming video version - all 37 mins of it :) The referring page also has a link to a download-able AVI that is about 400MB :) But I think the streaming version works quite well

Jack Point said...

Thanks a lot Cerno!

Noor said...

Song of ceylon.

Jack Point said...

Thanks, Noor.