Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 things that make me happy

Ok got tagged by Lady Divine so I'll try to follow her lead and see if I can come up with ten things that make me happy.

1. Music
The right kind of music can really grip my imagination. I seem to be spending increasing amounts of time searching youtube for music. My latest infatuation was with Paul Simon's African inspired music, which I blogged about earlier. I must have viewed those clips a dozen times and the sheer enjoyment and enthusiasm that the African musicians display at the Graceland concert is really infectious. I tried drumming once in London at an open air workshop and I could not stop. The rhythm of African music really gets into one, so. Like to sing as well although I'm not very good at it. Meaning to go for some voice training but never seem to get around to it.

2. Stimulating reading matter
Something that teases the mind, deals with a knotty problem or asks an interesting question. Gives me something to play with. Currently reading John Man's book on Genghis Khan. Very well written and a joy to read.

3. Documentaries, especially on history.
This is more laziness than anything else. Used to love watching documentaries when I was growing up. Any old documentary, on science, on nature on anything really. Now my interests have narrowed a bit, nature is not as interesting and science so-so, but history is now a big thing. History on the cheap, really. No need to wrestle with weighty tomes, just sit back and watch. The pictures make it so much easier and I guess its easier to listen than to read, passive rather than active. Spent a lot of money buying a few DVD's that no longer seem to work.

4. History
I have always been fascinated by the past. I don't know why. My grandfather used to teach it and perhaps its in the blood. I certainly did'nt pick it up from him - he died when I was ten, but the past always fascinates. To those who do not understand its relevance I like to point out that it helps to put the present in perceptive. The problems we wrestle with today are not new, they are the same old things that mankind has always battled, albeit sometimes in a new guise.

5. Gyms
This is a bit of a love-hate relationship. I seem to spend most of my free time in the gym although I never seem to get any results. Its a really cheap form of entertainment I guess and it does keep my cholesterol under control but when things go right it can feel really good. When you get into the right training zone, when your focus is right, when you are working just the right muscle to maximum and nothing else it really feels good. When you are out of the zone then it can be a misery aching joints and strained muscles but I seem to be getting back in- after the effects of that stupid flu.

6. Pretty Girls
What could be more alluring, what can lift the spirit more effectively than a beautiful women? Never get anywhere with 'em of course but a joy to behold when sighted.

7. Elegant wristwatches
They hold a spell over me, but not as much as they used to.

8. Travel
Like to travel, to see, to learn, to experience other cultures and other people. Closely linked to my interest in history. When friends invite me to visit the US I tell them no. The new world has little to offer by way of history and its too far anyway. I went to Australia and it held only a limited interest. Naturally we are always on the lookout for any pretty girls who may be lurking (there are usually plenty), purely from an academic point of view of course.

9. Good food and (10) good conversation. Nothing like spending an evening with a few interesting people over good food, perhaps a little wine and have an intelligent conversation. It is a sad thing to say but it is almost impossible to have a decent conversation in Colombo these days - too many interesting people have left the country. When I mentioned this to a friend recently he told me if I wanted to talk about anything other than cricket or women I had better go elsewhere. I have to rely on Skype now to catch with people but its not quite the same.

Hey Divine, you really got me talking did'nt you?

I have the pleasure of tagging;

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Scrumpulicious said...

Number 5 - why?! :-P

I've learnt more about you now! :)

pissu perera said...

thanks for the tag, and the heads up about it. you just handed me a ready made excuse to come out of my self-imposed exile :)

and hmmm.. i'm guessing that's the most personal post in your blog.

Lady divine said...

talking dirty? huh? plzzzzzzzzzzzz :p

thank you for doing it...:) and such an honest list from thee...:)

Jack Point said...

Scrumpulicious - because its there...:)

Pissu - yes indeed. Not a very open sort of person so find it a bit difficult to write on personal things.

Lady Divine - thanks:)