Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A message to the Tigers

You need a change of tactics. These attacks on civilians like the bomb in the train on Monday are quite insane, inhuman and will not further your cause. If you want to claim to be the sole representatives of the Tamils, a claim that is far from accepted, at least try to act the part and behave with responsibility. A terrorist is loved by no one and the tactics of terror only provide cover for the harsh repression of civilians.

Denying responsibility for the various atrocities or maintaining a silence will not work, you have little credibility and your words will be doubted, even if by some possibility you were not actually responsible for the crimes committed.

If you must fight, fight the soldier on the battlefield, not the civilian in the town or village, but remember the maxim that all wars are political. A war for the sake of war or a war of attrition serves no one.

Better still, return to talks. That is what the people wanted and would have voted for had they been given the opportunity in 2005.


Sam said...

I think LTTE is the sole representative of Tamil people. I never seen any Tamil person, including my Tamil friends, says it is not.

human said...

Sam! So you have never seen any Tamil person, including your Tamil friends, say that LTTE does not represent them?

Well that's going to chance now! I am Tamil and I am telling you that the LTTE is NOT the sole representative of Tamil people.

I agree some Tamils do support the LTTE. Most of them can be divided into two groups.

A) People who left Sri Lanka many years ago after anti Tamil riots and during the early stages of the war. The only source of information for them is LTTE propaganda and they have no idea what is going on. Some of them still remember things like the 83 riots but have no idea what the LTTE is up to these days.

B) Tamil people who are victims of government terrorism. LTTE are not the only ones using terror tactics in Sri Lanka. For example just days ago the government forces
killed 17 Tamil civilians
with a bomb. And that's no accidental collateral damage as you might want to believe! victims of government terrorism blindly support the LTTE because of the anger and frustration. The 'liberated east' is another example of government sponsored terror that most Sinhalese would never hear about.

While everyone would agree that there is no justification for killing civilians, most people in Sri Lanka don't know that both parties to the conflict are using every dirty trick you can think of. You rarely hear anything about the terror tactics used by the Mahinda Rajapakse's administration. Even when you do, you would probably dismiss it as LTTE propaganda.
But the truth is right now there are two big terror groups in Sri Lanka. One is headed by Prabha and the other is headed by our president.

Coming back to the point of
who represent Tamils, you should bear in mind that Tamils who do not support the LTTE never talk about it in public. We are the majority but if we criticize the LTTE we could get killed. I would think twice before saying anything about the LTTE except when I am only with people I trust most.

By the way how many of your Tamil friends told you they Support the LTTE? How many of them think blowing up poor folks in trains and buses is such a nice thing to do? Just check with them and tell me.I am just curious! :)

Gini Appu said...

well at least we know for certain that the Rajapakse Reich is intent on ensuring that those Tamils who are not LTTE supporters are picked up in White Vans and forced to hate Sri Lanka.

Ain't it strange that none of the the checkpoints stop the White Vans and none of the White Vans stop the bus/train/motorcyle bombers?

Its obvious to us all and yet we ask for more...

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