Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Central Bank staff get 60% wage hike?

According the latest rumours doing the rounds this morning the Central Bank has granted its staff a 60% increase in salaries - due to high inflation!

We may surmise that the official inflation rate is understated and that perhaps even worse is to follow.


Simuth said...

As soon a Kaba Raala came to office he granted 60% hike for CBSL staff. If it is 60% hike again it would be more than 120% increase over three years period. Even politicians get that level of pay hikes.

CBSL is one of the most useless state organisations in the country. Do nothing but preach others. A total waste. Cannot even control inflation.

Even if Prabha blows the whole organisation to dust that will not affect the economy. Perhaps the economy might improve because the hurdle is taken out.

Lady divine said...

wut the hell? how come we're not getting anything!!!! sigh

Deane said...

bugger. Talk about perverse incentives. You create inflation and get a pay hike!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if my boss will give me a pay hike.. :(