Monday, September 06, 2010


Has anyone noticed a truly sinister sight on the streets of Colombo?

Policemen wearing sunglasses. I'm not sure where they pick up these cheap sunglasses from, but they are truly hideous. The policemen all sport them with pride, strutting around on their beat or leaning languidly against something. They seem to think they resemble the cops from popular American television shows.

It is a sight that gives me the shivers and given the state of the local police, probably an appropriate reaction.

ps. I'm no photographer so would a few reader oblige by posting a few pictures?


Dee said...

aren't you being a little mean about this? what if they like cheap looking sunnies? :)

Jack Point said...

Have you seen those guys?? You need to see to believe how bad they look.

I've seen them at Liptons Circus and a couple of other places in the vicinity, keep a lookout next time you are on the road.

Anonymous said...

The cheapo sunnies are probably all they can afford to get a little relief from standing in the sun for hours!

Don't be so petty minded my friend