Sunday, October 30, 2011

Housing the homeless

Lack of housing is a common problem in many developing countries, the late President Premadasa launched a scheme to build a million houses in 1977.

Although we are a lot richer than we were in 1977, there are still enough homeless people around, from slum dwellers to IDP's from the war.

It is therefore welcome that a new programme to build shelters has been launched. Commendable, too that the people selected are the most deserving of all: the honourable members of parliament.

Given that many of the honourable members are drawn from the ranks of footpads, vagrants and the like, none could be more deserving.

Some appropriate theme music is available, which could be accompany any television publicity of the event, news crews please note.


shammi said...

Oooooh! That was nicely done.

Jack Point said...

Thanks Shammi ;)