Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goings-on in Arsik Land

Arsik Land is a fictional place, ruled by the Hon Pusswedilla (Campaign slogan: Puss for Boss). This popular political satire was originally set in Sri Lanka but its latest reincarnation had to take place in Arsik Land due to some rather strange circumstances. Perhaps art was imitating life too closely? Or was it the other way around?

Anyway, now it appears that websites are to be monitored and television is to be censored.

Neither is foreign to this country, indeed television is already censored; scenes with alcohol or tobacco are pixalated. The mania was at its height during the war but things had become a little more relaxed after its end, so the renewed interest is rather surprising.

Clearly, the rulers feel threatened by something, but what?

Could the recent spate of activism surrounding the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting unnerved them? Could it be the murder of Bharatha Lakshamn, which sent ripples of discontent through the party? Perhaps his family's plan to seek justice abroad? Do the soothsayers foretell hard times ahead?

A combination of the first two is likely. More difficult economic conditions may be foreseen by pessimists but the Central Bank is good at managing the statistics so this should not present any unusual difficulties. It is the other rumblings that need to be kept out of public view. In case they set off a chain reaction?


Idle Thoughts said...

There are statistics and there are statistics. I am shocked to learn that the cost of living calculation of Central Bank still takes only the bus fare as an idicator for cost of transportation.

Jack Point said...

Wow, I never realised that, Idle Thoughts.

shammi said...

It's not threatened they're feeling, but invincible, I think.

Jack Point said...

Shammi, I can't reconcile a feeling of invincibility with this action.

The strong will relax, the weak will tighten up. I think threats are perceived from some quarters, hence the need to suppress bad news. The threats may be real or imagine, but the action is the same.

Why would a Government that enjoys a majority in parliament, that has just won the majority of local council elections, deem it necessary to smuggle a bill through parliament?

See below: