Monday, October 17, 2011

Here's wishing Deshamanya R Dumindha Silva a speedy recovery

Today's Daily Mirror has reported that two US neurosurgeons have visited Deshamanya R Dumindha Silva; who is in hospital recovering from gunshot wounds.

It is important that he makes a speedy and complete recovery, not only because he is a prominent member of the Government but also because his recovery will prove to be a worthy test of the system of justice and the rule of law in the land.

Should he succumb to his injuries popular opinion will see it as his karma, justice would seem to have been meted out by the gods and the matter can safely be closed by the Government. Should he, as one hopes, survives and makes a full recovery not only will he be able to serve his country, his very survival will test the political system.

The incident last week raises a number of questions: first and foremost, are the police treating the investigation as murder? Are they investigating if the firearms used were properly licensed and if not how these came into the possession of the people involved? Where did the ammunition come from? Is it necessary for ministers to carry bodyguards around?

If these questions are dealt with by the system thoroughly and fairly, justice would have been done and we may sleep safely in our beds knowing that the system is intact. If not, it leaves many disquieting questions.


The Puppeteer said...

Well, going by what's been reported in the news, the government says that Duminda is in the clear.

That pretty much sums up how this country works. These issue aren't even given the chance to reach judicial system.

Jack Point said...

Have they actually said anything like that? I seem to have missed it.

The Puppeteer said...

Yeah, I recall a DM sms news alert to that effect... If I find an article on I'll post a link here

Jack Point said...

Puppeteer, Indi has posted something on this, apparantly Laxman Hulugalle has confirmed this.