Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Martian view

Just imagine that a friendly Martian landed on these shores. Imagine also that the Martian, finding himself on a populated land, decides to find out about the inhabitants through their own media, the Lonely Planet not quite reaching Mars.

He would quickly discover that the state media are the sole arbiters of the truth and, not wanting to be misled, concentrates entirely on them. He finds out that there is a war in progress and eagerly scans the press for details. Martian's being a warlike people are quite familiar with war, but this war baffles him.

It is the most beautiful war.

A war with no reversals.

A war with no casualties.

A war of territory but not of people

A war where no innocents die.

A war with no cost.

A war that would make the Martian equivalent of Charles Dodgson proud.

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