Friday, February 13, 2009


Was thinking about this and then I saw DC's post.

Was a little upset earlier this week with someone. Hurt, by what I thought as lack of trust. That lead to some resentment. After all the trouble I took, they still can't trust. Felt used.

Resolved to keep away for a while.

Resentment, hurt, anger, irritation, feeling that seem to merge one into the other, were running around my system. Was trying to pin the exact emotions down but it was difficult.

Turned to music, even blogged about music; it helped, but did not draw all the sting.

Never was someone who could remain angry for long, so emotions began to die down a bit after a day. I then decided, to look at the bigger picture. This was only a small matter in the much larger universe. In anycase how deep was this relationship? Why not just sit back, enjoy the company and figure out the issues later?

After all it may have been just a misunderstanding, they did'nt really mean anything

Once one gets on this mode of rationalising and explaining away the problem, the emotions disappear pretty fast. After a while one wonders why anger even arose in the first place.

I have found that if one thinks positively, does not dwell on the issue and above all do not try to investigate further to verify facts, things will ease.

If one tries to deal with the problem by thinking of the issue, to try to understand why, to investigate, to dig deeper the anger will grow and eventually consume oneself.

Anger brings distress, unhappiness. Let it go.

There is no point in seeking the truth, better to forget the problem, rationalise it away.

Sticking my head in the sand? Maybe. Not facing the truth? Possibly? Taken for a sucker ? Maybe.

But who cares? Happiness is more important than the truth and anger is the enemy of happiness. If nothing else this attitude probably makes me easier to get on with and maybe, just maybe, it will reduce my chances of spending the after life in hell....


pissu perera said...

"people always hurt us with their trust....the surest way to hurt someone you like, is to put all your trust in him..."

i'm on a shantaram spree these days and that's a quote from it.

agreed that the worst way to deal with anger/hurt/resentment is to analyse it and try and find out why someone did what they did. let go and move on, easier on the mind.

DeeCee said...

its really cool that you take the rationalising approach and dont stay mad for long. i'm so the same. Now I really want to achieve awareness when getting mad. being aware that u are getting mad, just when the feeling arises...knowing that, it wouldnt happen in the same way. Also I figured, having too much expectations on anyone is a sure way to get hurt.

Jack Point said...

hey Dee Cee, thanks, lets work for anger-free world...

mixedblessings89 said...

I'm not completely sure how I got here... has something to do with Jerry's blog, but I'm very glad I did end up here.

I love this post, because for once, it's not about how a small incident lead to huge ramifications, since some body decided to sit back and look at the big picture. Cool.

Besides, anger is so draining... why waste so much energy? Pointless, in most cases, methinks.

Jack Point said...

Thanks for vsiiting mixedblessings and as a postcript, I am really glad that I decided to live and let live, I believe my relationship with the person concerned has now been renewed and strengthened.

Dee said...

ur comment was adorable! hehe...made me smile :) thank u

Jack Point said...

@ Dee Cee : Awww :)