Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have been rather overworked these days and my last weekend was quite stressful, hardly had time to relax. I was anxiously scanning the calendar to find out when the poya holiday was falling and was bitterly disappointed to find out it was on a Sunday.

Imagine my delight this morning to discover an email from our HR department telling us that we would be on holiday on Friday.

The message starts off like this:

"Dear Operational Team Members,

We have received a request form the Honorable Minister of the Labour Relations and Productivity Promotion to grant a holiday on Friday, 19th November 2010 to organizations located in areas of Colombo 1,2,3 and 4.

The Employers’ Federation in their circular to the employers have advised that appropriate action be initiated by such employers considering the practical difficulties the employees may encounter in terms of movement/road closers etc"

Oh, the irony of a Minister for productivity promotion declaring a holiday.

I however, am quite delighted.


santhoshi said...

Lucky you! we of course might be stuck in office!

Delilah said...

not amused. we have to work :(
what will you do so?

crystal flame said...

ahh what I miss not being in sri lanka!
and this is due to construction?

Jack Point said...

Crystal Flame- not construction, just erm, celebrations. You know SL, any excuse to have a party, etc etc.

Delilah: well you may be lucky. Do you live in Colombo zones 1-4, chances are you can plead road closures and stay away. Better still, get the boss to do that ;)

I think the banks will probably close as well so its going to be a light day.

As for me, I shall be catching up with my reading :)

Guiding Spirit said...

Lucky you!! I have to work :(