Thursday, November 04, 2010

Once an accident, twice a coincidence, but thrice?

Kottu is pretty boring these days, mostly made up of posts on sports and fashion. Not that I mind those, but it is hard to have a conversation on these.

Instead of Kottu, I now trawl through Lady D's blogroll instead, and what did I find today?

Purple Socks says: I want to

The Drummer replies: I don't do, I don't do.

Ramblings says: One night in Bangkok

The Rose states: Why A Woman is a Better Wingman

Are these just a coincidence or is the blogosphere hotting up?


Dee said...

Im' on it too. :D :P

Jack Point said...

Of course you are, Dee :P :P

Angel said...

Great minds JP... I o the same thing, Lady D has all my favourite bloggers on her blogroll so it's a great place to start the blog trawling! :)