Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Trying something that I have not done before, adding a few pictures. These were taken off my camera phone, turned out better than I expected. They are no great works of art, but by my clumsy standards, fairly good pictures.

Spend the last weekend there, the fifth holiday in as many weeks. I really need a break now:)


Serendib_Isle said...

Wow. Trying to make us miss home even more, eh..?

pissu perera said...

dude! those are some pretty nice pictures, esp the first. how is kalpitiya in terms of accomodation and security? been wanting to go for ages but when people were willing there were no places and now everyone is nattering on about how the area is not safe.

ps - not to belittle your pictures, but i've noticed from personal experience that with pictures of sunsets, even the most amateur photographer can pull off a beauty.

TheWhacksteR said...

nice pics man!

N said...

Love the first shot...yeah what's up with making us miss home more!

Jack Point said...

heh heh, more about managing to take my first half descent photograph.

Went to Kalpitiya in the middle of the PC election (we did not know about it) and it seemed fairly ok. Our time was spent mostly on the beach and the bungalow.

Accommodation - the place we went to was pretty good, can send you details if you need them. Its mostly estates so if you can stay at one of them it should be ok.

There is a superbly sited place called FYI - I checked the rates for Alankuda, US$600 for a villa up to a max of 4pax and US$40 extra for each additional person upto a max of 10Pax..... at todays conversion rate, that works out to about Rs.9500 per day per person. Just dropped in in the night and it was impressive but I am told that food and service is lousy.

There are a few other places that are coming up but the towns in the area are pretty dead

DeeCee said...