Friday, March 20, 2009

Música de España

Stumbled across some nice music, quite by accident.

There is a Spanish band called Los Manolos that plays some nice music including cover versions of some well known songs. Unlike other cover bands they do not simply play the music straight but instead infuse it with all the rhythms of Spain and the result is quite exhilerating.

Amigos para siempre is rather bad song by Andrew Lloyd Webber but in the hands of Los Manolos it is elevated to this.

Maybe its just the rhythms that are getting to me but when they turn their hands to the Beatles classic All My Loving it just blows me away. It is also rather amusing to hear the song sung with a Spanish accent.

This is something else by the same group, rather different in spirit but still nice.

Since I was on the subject of Spanish music, Volare is another classic by the Gypsy Kings. Have heard the song before but never listened to it properly before or knew who sang it. Seeing it being performed is an eye-opener.


Maharajah of Bad said...

are you just trying to act posh for the ladies?

Serendib_Isle said...

I think Volare is Italian. ;)

Jack Point said...

M of B: What do you think? Yes ff course.

Serendib, thanks but the rhythm's are pure Spanish.

DeeCee said...

lol JP on MOB.

and it's spanish!! omg...