Friday, March 20, 2009

Israel's democratic credentials

I tend to disagree with many of the positions taken by Israel. I also tend to sympathise with the plight of the Palestinian's: their cause if just and they suffer from a lot of repression, some of which is quite brutal.

For all its fault's however, it must be admitted that Israel is a functioning democracy. Alternative voices are heard and there is process that works. If further proof were needed, this should suffice.

Contrast that, with for example this.


Delilah said...

Imagine if our soldiers ever dared speak...
As for the local news had me in stiches this morning over coffee. Front page no less. Such scary times we live in.

Jack Point said...

Thanks for visiting Delilah and yes, the political news is a lot funnier than the political cartoons.

Just realised that teh Daily News no longer seems to carry a cartoon any more, have'nt figured out why though.