Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ask Lucy

The local newspapers are quite dreary. The local blogosphere is also rather dry these days, so what does a frustrated fellow do to enliven a bad day at the office? Look to one of the few quality newspapers still around.

Ok this is not really news but the advice given by Lucy is superb.

In love with a senior at work

My bonus is being paid for by taxpayers, do I give it back?


How long do we have to wait before the local blogosphere returns to quality debate?


Gehan said...

it IS rather dull in da blogosphere nowadays isnt it? everything is either too serious or too silly.. i am forced to spend my time looking up random clips on youtube... lol

santhoshi said...

Listening to music thats what i m doing :)

Jack Point said...

True Gehan, only too true.

Been spending a lot of time on Youtube myself, as the previous post testifies.

Santhoshini - the same type of music as the Madras Night Club I guess?? :)

Scrumpulicious said...

Lol - I guess you could try and find some new blogs?! :-P

Dee said...

yea...i found some good asian blogs from other sites...interesting stuff :)

santhoshi said...

haha very Funny!

DeeCee said...


Jack Point said...

will do Dee Cee, will do. just got back....:)