Thursday, February 28, 2013

What next for the Muslims?

The Bodu Bala Sena has rejected the compromise offered by the ACJU. The battle has been joined by the JHU, a partner of the GoSL, with minister Ranakawa launching a book on halal. The Daily News carries on its campaign and a mosque has reportedly been stoned.

Nobody pushing the campaign shows any sing of slowing down or pulling back. It's our way or the highway, as far as they are concerned.

The BBS issued some ultimatums, unless they are complied with, further intensification in the campaign will take place. Further clashes are inevitable.

In the short run, the community which is already showing flexibility, will have to work out a quick contingency plan on how to deal with a world free of certification.

In the long run? Well, its their way or the highway, so better start looking for greener pastures, the economy is heading for a crash anyway so may as well as move on. As for the Christians, the brighter ones may have started figuring out what they need to do, the dimmer ones had better start waking up.

The clock is ticking, the spectre is returning.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are one of those who easily give up on Sri Lanka. I don't mean there are no reasons to be concerned but saying economy is going to be crashed? What makes you say so?

Jack Point said...

The economy will crash because they insist on continuing with unsustainable policies.

I went into some detail in the posts below

Things have deteriorated again. They have not fixed the basic problems, they only do a temporary patch, just to get us over the immediate problem, so will end up back in the same hole.

I think there is a good likelihood of another balance of payments crisis within the next 12 months.

Growth, even by the government statistics is likely to slow to around 4-5%.

Gehan said...

It's all very bleak. Shenali Waduge is crazy; her arguments grow more and more desperate.

Dark days.

cadence said...

Cryptic last paragraph JP :/ just a few days ago a few friends of ours were discussing the "what will be next?"

Jack Point said...

Yes, Cadence. We are sleepwalking towards disaster.