Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tourist arrested for having a tattoo of a Buddha?

This is what was reported on this site. Other news sites carry similar stories.

The question is, under what law was she charged? Presumably something twisted to fit the purpose. It was only a few months ago that tourists were arrested for taking photographs of statues.

More worrying is that this seems to demonstrate a new level of hyper-religiosity, which in the context of the on-going anti-muslim campaign seems to suggest that an explosion is around the corner. Is anybody still even talking of a 'peace dividend'?

We should also carry a warning to tourists, perhaps it should read: Beware! The natives are not friendly.


Anonymous said...

Buddhist taliban is here.

sbarrkum said...

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tattoos designs said...

what wrong in having tattoos designs of Buddha ?????

Jack Point said...

Tattoo designs - nothing wrong with it as far as I can see but some people claim it is disrespectful.

There was another incident recently-see link below: