Friday, February 22, 2013

Another hotel raided - for having pictures and statues of the Buddha ?

This was something that I heard on a Sinhala news station (FM 100.0) on the way to work. I can't seem to find references in English online.

Apparently the incident took place yesterday, after the Sinhala Ravaya received information that a hotel in Induruwa had pictures and statues of the Buddha displayed in an 'inappropriate' manner. The Sinhala Ravaya visited the hotel and apparently agreed that the the way the images were displayed 'would cause pain of mind to buddhists',- my rough translation of what the spokesman said.

Some altercation or argument had followed with the German owners of the hotel and the police had been informed.

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Bimal said...

Do you know any more details? Can you elaborate what this "inappropriate manner" was?

Jack Point said...

According to a blog post in Sinhalese there were statues around the pool and one was placed on the lavatory commode.