Friday, February 22, 2013

Pork on the Parliament menu

The Daily Mirror has reported that as of yesterday, the canteen in the Parliament will now offer pork. This is a question that came up a long time ago, but why did the Speaker, in the midst of all this controversy, decide to throw more fat on the fire?

Even if there were perfectly good reasons to change the status quo, it is incredibly stupid to have done so now. Unless of course the timing was deliberate, calculated to send a message to the Muslims. Actions speak louder than words and this only serves to support the contention that the on-going campaign has their support.

The Government is very good at words and has succeeded fooling a surprisingly large number of people for a long time. Sooner or later people will have to learn that they need to watch its actions, rather than be seduced by its words. 

We seem to be sliding dangerously fast down a very long spiral, wonder where it will end, and who will be next?


Anonymous said...

If this is the right decision we should not complain about the timing. Religious groups in Sri Lanka(specially Islamic groups) tend to think somehow they can enforce their beliefs over the whole society. The fact that they didn't serve pork in the parliament upto now should be taken as an example how we have tolerated unjust demands by minorities but that should not mean they must be tolerated for ever and minorities should appreciate minor facts like this without always complaining about everything. If you are dealt with injustice please talk about it but at the same time learn to appreciated equal status given to you by the majority

Concerned Citizen said...

I'm a bit annoyed by those who say just to avoid Halal and annoy the Muslims who believes in Halal, Sri Lankan's now are prepared to go any distance. Using PIG meat as bait is also one of that. In fact as a Country majority following Buddhism, we should actually be avoiding meat completely.

Anonymous said...

Anon it is all about timing as was noted in the blog entry. Not that the choice to serve pork.

This was an old request and given the timing was bad and should have been delayed until all these problems have died down.