Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hornby Railways

Point was ecstatic today. The dead, or more correctly, something though to be dead, was found to be alive and well.

Hornby Railways, maker of the finest model trains on the planet is still in existence, and judging by their website, producing trains as every bit as good as those in Point's rose tinted memory. No bitter disappointment, as in the case of Matchbox, where, sadly, the craftsmanship has sunk without trace. Just pure unadulterated joy.

Children brought up on Nintendo, video games and other such fripperies cannot possibly know, or even imagine, the power that Hornby exerted over young boys minds for over half a century. There were others who made train sets, toys or models, but Hornby was the Gold Standard, and anyone who owned one was the envy of the neighbourhood. The only thing that could possibly have commanded similar respect was a Raleigh bicycle.

Reading the "About" section on the website Point was amazed to discover that Meccano, another popular toy of that era was what Hornby actually started with, model trains came later. Further frantic web searches revealed that Hornby had recently acquired Airfix, maker of model aircraft kits and another hallowed name from Point's boyhood.

Careful study of the product catalogue lead to the discovery of their latest, and surely most marvelous product: a genuine steam powered model locomotiove. Not an electric powered one, but one that ACTUALLY RUNS on STEAM. Wonders will never cease. Hornby calls this range "Live Steam" and Point is now scheming on how one may be obtained and smuggled into the house......

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