Thursday, January 31, 2008

Response to a post on Thinkfree's blog

A blogger by the name of Thinkfree published a letter by a Mr Asoka Weerasinghe, a resident of Canada to an MP in the British Parliament.

Mr Weerasinghe's argument, as far as Point can decipher from the meandering jumble that is Mr Weerasinghe's letter, is that the war should continue and that Britain has no business in interfering in these matters.

Whether the government should persue a military solution or a engage in talks is a matter that can be debated, Point's issue with Mr Weerasinghe is that he is not in the best of positions to preach war, the suspension of human rights, and all its concommitant horrors, when enjoying the very benefits of good governance overseas.

The original letter is to be found here:

Point's response (also posted at the above site) is reproduced below:

Mr Asoka Weerasinghe must leave Canada immediately and return to do battle at home.

He lives in comfort, enjoying all the fruits of stable democracy and good governance. Low interest rates, low levels of inflation reasonable growth rates and thus a future for himself and his family.

Thus luxuriating in comfort he chooses to prescribe treatment for the problems of others in far of lands. He pays little or no taxes in SL, he faces not the withering of his savings and the stunting of prospects he endures not danger to life and limb nor the petty discomforts that we face every day, ignores the thousands of others who leave every month to the middle East, to Africa, to the West, all in search of something better. He ignores history the 30 years wasted and the prospect of a further 30 that offers little else, and yet he presumes to prescribe. Come Mr Weerasinghe, come home.

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pissu perera said...

isn't that the mentality of most NRSLs? look at justmal, preaching war all the way from australia...