Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Dictator's Handbook

Germany and Japan were militarised societies that glorified war and conquest, held human life to be cheap and regarded obedience to the state as the highest virtue.

This quote is from The Economist's review of two books on the second world war. It made me wonder if all the world's dictators are playing from the same rule book.

Years ago I listened to a satirical feature on the BBC World Service called The Ruler's Guide to Repression which set out the basic principles that any self-respecting dictator should follow.  Now, something similar has appeared in book form.

Subtitled "A Practical Manual for the Aspiring Tyrant" and carrying chapters on "Coming to Power Through Your Family", "You are the State", "The Range of Repression", and "Building Your Financial Empire"  it appears to be inspired by the Prince and is therefore a must-read for both for rulers and subjects, so pay heed.

The website carries some excerpts from the book which are hilarious, yet seem well grounded in fact. 

The book may be bought from the publisher here.

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