Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The LTTE and the Presidential election

The President has proclaimed that he has won the war and defeated terrorism. It is claimed to be the first and perhaps only victory against terrorism. Prabakharan is definitely dead, not even the looniest elements of the diaspora cling to the belief that he is alive, even his son and family were killed. In the minds of some the killing of the children and family were necessary to prevent a resurgence of the movement.

After such total annihilation how then that the LTTE now appears to be in the forefront of this election? 

The whole hullabaloo seems to have intensified after the cross over of the SLMC and the announcement that the TNA will support the opposition. The Nation laments that the TNA has finally ended up in Maithri's camp. Was anyone seriously expecting any of the minorities to support the incumbent? After the series of attacks on the Muslims and the Christians which the state did little to prevent or investigate? And which linked the attackers to the State itself?

Perhaps they were optimistic. Perhaps they felt that enough cash would keep them in the fold?

One would be forgiven for thinking that we were back in 2005, when the LTTE did in fact play a crucial role in the election. It is undisputed that the LTTE called for a boycott, but why where the number of polling booths in the North and East reduced? Why were people forced to travel outside the LTTE areas to vote? Was it to make it easier for the LTTE to blockade roads, to enforce the boycott? Why was public transport curtailed on election day? Was the Government playing into the hands of the LTTE or was there something else? These are troubling questions that feed the speculation of a pact. (Some further info here).

Coming back to today's "issue", with all this history of dealmaking, even if the LTTE did exist in some form a pact would hardly be surprising although the Government media would by hypocritical in highlighting it now, particularly since Karuna, KP and several other former LTTErs are busy working for the Government. Pacts with the Government are in order, but not with the opposition?

Given the state of the LTTE today the accusation is merely absurd, one hopes it will be treated with the with contempt it deserves by the public. 

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