Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Violence against women in India: will a Pledge to the Girl Child help change attitudes?

Violence against women in India seems to be a big problem. Attitudes and culture, where women are regarded as less important than men seems to be one of the causes. Abortion of girls, female infanticide and neglect; dowries are all symptoms of this attitude.

Could a pledge help change attitudes?

This is just an idea that I am playing around with, but what if families with girls took a stand.

Unless and until, men are willing to take a pledge, to welcome, nurture and love the girl child, they will not have my daughter in marriage.

You only want boys? Then be happy and gay, be single, be a eunuch for all we care.

You want to marry?

Yes, but only if you sign up. If not, hard cheese.

There are a number of pledges around, but none that will deny marriage of their daughters, if potential grooms refuse to take and honour it.

An idea worth sharing? Let me know.

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