Saturday, October 12, 2013

CHOGM: will we face a lock down of the city?

Perth, Australia hosted the CHOGM in 2011 and that city faced a virtual lock down, with even the police force of New Zealand joining in the security arrangements. An extra public holiday was declared (by shifting the Queen's birthday holiday back by a couple of weeks) to reduce public inconvenience.

If these were the arrangements in Australia, a place which is not security conscious in the least, the mind boggles at the thought of what arrangements will be made for Colombo.

So far, there is some speculation of a single public holiday, but nothing else. I have a feeling a good part of the roads in the centre will be closed with probably two official public holidays, but for all intents the entire week is likely to be a non-working one.

Not that I mind, I need a holiday and as I have almost no leave, any additional public holidays are only too welcome, especially since the poya in November falls on a Saturday. I just wish they would announce the holidays in advance, so that one can plan a getaway.

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