Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kotagala - Nuwara Eliya Road (A7) in a bad state

Just a travel update, the Kotagala - Nuwara Eliya road (the main A7 road, see map) is under repair and in a very poor state. The heavy rain and recent landslides seem to have washed away most of the surface of the road leaving it a mass of pot holes.

The road is not impassable for cars but it is very bumpy and can take a severe toll on the suspension. Would advise anyone contemplating travel on this road to do so in a high clearance vehicle (van or 4WD). There is an alternate route, through the Fordyce Estate (see map) , a longer route on estate roads (which are not great either) and difficult to navigate (as I am told it is not well sign posted) so get clear directions from someone familiar with the area or have the route premarked on Google maps. On the plus side, this route is supposed to be the prettier of the two.

The repairs seem to be part of a huge exercise in road widening so are likely to take some time to complete.

One of the mysteries on the road were short stretches (of 2-3km) that had been repaired which were sandwiched between long tracts of rutty road. The worrying thing was that on several of the rutty stretches there were no building materials or people in sight, although there was some visible activity on others.

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