Sunday, April 15, 2012


A friend wanted to know where she could buy a wrist bag to hold her Blackberry device.

The problem with little wrist pouches is that they tend to swing around and knock into things, which is the last thing that one wants with a Blackberry since the screen is quite vulnerable. My friend's brother and I were of the same view so we advised against this, pockets are the safest option.

The problem is that women's clothes don't have roomy pockets, if they have them at all. Even trousers or jeans don't have proper pockets. It seems that designers avoid pockets because they leave ugly bulges that spoil the line of the garment. Women are thus forced to carry bags in which they have to put all their valuables, which is why it common to see women on the floors of nightclubs dancing with their bags in hand or why male friends are seen standing outside women's loo's holding onto friend's bags.

Whether designers omitted pockets because they believe that women carry bags around or whether women are forced to carry bags because of a lack of pockets I do not know. Not only must women suffer the indignity of wearing uncomfortable shoes, it seems she must also put up with impractical clothing for the sake of a masculine aesthete.

Any views to share, ladies?


bingo said...

how come I never noticed that mobiles are being such pain to women huh?
may be because I'm not a so called lady in the first place :)
or may be because levi's people still haven't shrunk the pockets of their jeans and my shabby mobile fits nicely in :) .
but when you are partying or clubbing you are forced to carry a pouch :(

Dee said...

Hmmm I do like dresses with pockets though :D like this -

Jack Point said...

Bingo, happy to hear that your jeans still have pockets. My friend's jeans had none.

Dee - nice dress!

Funny Gypsy said...

Yes I've faced the same problem with pockets - though I've noticed it depends on whether you wear tight fits or baggy clothes. Unfortunately, as I've grown older, the baggy jeans/ cargo pants have been discarded as even to look 'professional' you need to wear relatively tight fits... either aesthetics demands so or there is an implicit sexism in what we deem 'proper' dressing for a grown-up woman.