Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A cure for hiccups?

I had a sudden attack of hiccups last afternoon. It was annoying, embarrassing and, after a while, a little painful. I searched on the internet for remedies. I tried swallowing air, unsuccessfully. Warn water was a little more helpful, it reduced the intensity but did not cure.

I exercised in the evening and it disappeared after that, but reappeared as soon as I had dinner. After about half an hour my throat was beginning to get a little sore from the hiccuping so I drank a tablespoonful of bees honey. It soothed the throat and cured the hiccups immediately.


Anonymous said...

Also increasing the carbon dioxide in your blood stream works. Simple way of doing that is to exhale totally, and then slow count to 10 before inhaling slowly.

Scrumps said...

I was told you should swallow water upside down.... if that makes sense. But I will try honey next time! Seems much easier! :)

Jack Point said...

Anon, think the swallowing air thing may have been following a similar principle, don't think I was doing that properly, will keep your advice in mind the next time.

Scrumps-that sounds like a joke!

sbarrkum said...

As a heavy boozer as a young adult hiccups were a regular occurrence.

Place a plastic bag (siri siri bag) over the head, close around throat and keep breathing till its difficult (1-2 mins). Take off and hiccup is gone. It is the easiest way to get more C02 into blood stream.

On a similar track Acid Reflux or Gastritis drink Rasam once a day for a week. Many years past my mother made it, I now use the instant variety made by Larich. Not instant relief like Aluminim Hydroxide preparations, but last longer. That said it Acid Reflux or Gastritis will reappear unless underlying cause susch as heavy boozing overweight etc are fixed.

Jack Point said...

Thank sbarrkum, very interesting. Plastic bag sound a bit dangerous, although I suppose more in the case of a child.

Cadence9 said...

Good to know!