Thursday, September 08, 2011

Studio Dharshi and the RMV - excellent service

I sold my vehicle (rather too cheaply it seems) and then went and bought another (paying too much because I liked it).

I went to the RMV to get the transfer forms and I expected a certain amount of hassle. Parking was not too difficult, I had to walk about a 100 yards but that was not too bad. The forms were issued from a window that opens on to the pavement so there was no need to go inside the building and there was no queue.

I was told that I needed two photographs (of myself) and a photocopy of my ID, both certified by a JP to transfer the car to my name. I spied a little studio (it was called Studio Dharshi or something similar) almost next to the RMV. They were doing the photographs, photocopies and as a bonus they had an in-house JP who would sign everything.

I walked in and they photocopied my ID, then went to the next room where a girl took my picture, downloaded it from the camera and printed it on a little Epson printer. While waiting I noticed that the girl was also doing the photographs for new vehicle registrations (these require a photo of the vehicle as well). She was downloading pictures of various kinds of cars from the internet and printing them out for the owners who had forgotten to bring a picture along.

Since the photographs were usable for visas and passports as well, I got an extra set printed. The charge is 250/- for four photos, my cost for eight pictures, a photocopy of my ID and the JP's signature on two photos plus the ID was 600/-.

The whole exercise would not have taken 20-25 minutes and Studio Dharshi provided an excellent service.

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Patta Pal said...

It is so heartening to read an event that results in satisfaction of a service. It goes to show that there are people who are smart enough to make a business out of a need and make it affordable, so that their business can also grow and prosper.

Thanks for the information, if and when I can afford to get a set of wheels!!

Congratulations for a good business idea, working well.