Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The need for limits on power.

KAL's cartoon (from The Economist), a good illustration of the mentality that seems to prevail in the USA.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Nothing underlines this well-worn saying more than this shocking experience by an American citizen, in her own country.

Terrorism is a tactic that is used by the disaffected, solving the underlying problems is the key to a long term solution. Unless an equitable and just solution is found for Palestine, it will remain a festering sore and a lightning rod for anger against the US.

Sort out the root problem, don't deal with the symptoms.

See Also, King Abdullah's letter of 1947, to the American people As the Arabs see the Jews.


PP said...

i wonder if the counter terrorism stuff in sl also leaves similar scars on sri lankans. hard to think it doesn't.

Jack Point said...

Guess so, PP.