Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pascucci café and restaurant

Another new coffee house has opened, on 95 McCarthy Road (Wijerama Mawatha).

Tried one of their coffee's it was excellent. I never knew whipped cream could taste so good and with nougat and a few other things thrown in, it was one of the tastiest drinks I've had.

I have been haunting coffee bars from the time they opened in Colombo, starting with The Commons (when it was on Turret Road), Dons Cafe, Delifrance, then Barista and finally Coffee Bean.I always went to these places to hang around, not for the coffee or the food, although the Commons had some very good deals in the early days.

Pascucci is the first place where I have really enjoyed a coffee and where I might even return to purely for the coffee. This is not a proper review, as its based on just one drink, but I think the place is worth checking out.


Lady divine said...

didn't know about this...:) thanks for sharing.. will check it out some time..:D

Dee said...

oh yum. can't wait to check it out :D

santhoshi said...

I love coffee, will check out and post!

Patta Pal said...

I wonder if the place has a website. I presume free wi fi is on tap!

n said...

was sorely disappointed with this place. Ordered a fancy looking drink and was served something that looked like a tiny milkshake. When I asked them what the deal was they said the menu was wrong...which was interesting because I pointed out what I wanted. I asked for what I ordered which in the end tasted pretty average and the service was more than mediocre.

Jack Point said...


Dee and several other were disappointed by the place but when I went a second time, a couple of months ago I was happy, guess tastes differ.