Saturday, June 06, 2009

Beautifil lips

These pictures are sure worth more than a thousand words each, right?

Who needs Hollywood when we have Bollywood? I find the Bollywood films far better anyway. Hollywood has been reduced to imitating video games whose characters and plots (?) they frequently use.


Makuluwo said...

She's gorgeous, yeah.. but then Bollywood movies rarely even have real plots no? ;)

Anonymous said...

she's supper gorgeous!

N B said...

Disagree CJ, movies are about the messages they deliver to the society, they shoudln't be about beauty. Well, Bollywood is all predictable crap. Love, Romance, Love, Romance, Love, Romance is all they know whereas Hollywood does have a balanced variety or themes to say the least. I don't watch bollywood commercial movies anymore. When i want to see some cute faces, i watch porn. Life is more fun that way :-) What say you? :-)

pissu perera said...

sushmita sen! soooo beautiful. she's the best looking of the lot. pity she never got any decent films.

there are quite a lot of good hindi (and tamil, as well as bengali i'm told but i havent watched any) films that dont come onto most radars because they have lower promoting budgets. films like my brother nikhil, dor, omkara, chameli, mr and mrs iyer are pretty awesome.

Jack Point said...

The nicest plot was in Metro (or Life in a Metro)

Fashion was pretty decent too

Dhoom 2 was a super slick production

Chandi Chowk to China had its moments too, very good special effects, fairly decent plot.

For escape/light diversion nothing beats the hindi films.

Scrumpulicious said...

I'm an avid Tamil movie fan! Whether it's the cheese factor or the romance factor! It's just a form of escapism.

She is a hottie but there are so many! My favourite at the moment (as in the one I am most jealous of currently) is Shreya - major hottie!)

Jack Point said...

Thanks for the tip, Scumpy, will keep a lookout for Shreya.