Sunday, July 13, 2008

SAARC Summit: Fort & Slave Island closed

DIG Fort Police has issued the following notice at a special security meeting held at his office today.
1. Starting 25/07/2008 vehicles and people entering the high security zone will be subjected to thorough security checks. (High security zone starts from Kollupitiya junction towards Galle face, Elephant house junction- slave island, York street ect...) vehicles entering the zone will need to obtain passes.

2. From 29/07/2008 no vehicles will be allowed to the high security zone at all. A shuttle service will be functioning for people to come in to the high security zone. (up to D.R. Wijewardena Mw- Lake House ) All vehicles will have to be parked out side the High security zone.

3. Train services will function only up to Bumbalapitiya from down south, and up to Maradana from the other side. Fort railway station will be closed. There will be a shuttle service from Kollupitiya and Maradana to fort (up to D.R. Wijewardena Mw- Lake House ) No vehicles will be given authority to enter from there onwards.

4. 1st of August (Friday) will be declared as a official holiday.

5. Other high security areas declared will be areas near the BIA / BMICH/ and MOUNT LAVINIA. (as some delegates will be located at Mt- Lavinia Hotel)

6. Period concern will be from 25/07/2008 to 04/08/2008 (ending 4th mid night)

Guys, if you are working in Fort, its better to go on leave and enjoy the Beach Festival in Hikkaduwa.


Anonymous said...

This country sucks.. correction.. mahinda sucks!!! That pompous fool has to go prove to the world he's on top of things by agreeing to host a summit, at the cost of inconveniencing the majority of the public. Not like the bugger is not used to it already, by occupying both temple trees and the presidents quarters in fort, and make traffic a nightmare by closing off the galle face center road. Ahrrggg!

The only only.. good thing is that thanks to this darned summit, are roads are made, but for how long before some drainage guy of electricity guy comes and digs it up again?

Jack Point said...

Or until the next heavy shower of rain....:(

hasantha said...

i would like toknow how did u aware of thses thing it is very harm full for country security i'll inform To CID these thing about, they will contact u...

Jack Point said...


this is the information released by police to the shop owners in the affected areas.

DeeCee said...

hehe...yea we got the emailer yesterday. I agree with chaarmax. mahinder is a jackass going in his little..correction large convoy while we the working ppl have to suffer. aargh!