Thursday, July 17, 2008

The SAARC Experience No.1

Was having a chat with a friend in the travel industry and he related an incident that took place yesterday.

A group of tourists were being bused in to the Taj Hotel. The bus was stopped at the Elephant House roundabout and told that it could not proceed any further due to security considerations.

The travellers were advised to get out and walk to the hotel from there.

Several frantic telephone calls later the bus was allowed to go into the hotel and deposit the guests.

This morning a similar problem arose with tourists leaving the hotel - the bus was not allowed to leave the premises. Again more telephone calls and finally they were allowed to leave.

Land like no other, and this is a full week before the 'Official' high security period.


Foxhound said...

Tell me about it... I live in a high security zone so life's a ... well you know the rest.

To get to certain destinations that are 5 minutes away, I have to go the long way that takes about 20 minutes!

Spider said...

is it getting that bad?? it's hard enough to get around SL these days!! sigh..

Jack Point said...

You bet spider.

What they will ultimately spring on us no one knows.

The problem is all decisions are taken by a handful of people (you know who they are) and then there is no communication or coordination between the normal administrative arms of government that are supposed to enforce the regulations.

Had the police, municipality and others been involved at an early stage we would have had a clear idea of the arrangements by now.

Anonymous said...

could anyone post the map with the roas that are closed etc., for SAARC?

Jack Point said...

There is one here

Not sure if there will be any last minute changes.

Either way, expect chaos.

Spider said...

you're right!the sri lankan givernment needs some training in how to coordinate activities on this scale! hehehe it's like the blind leading the blind most of the time!
good luck getting around colombo the next few days!!! :)