Sunday, July 22, 2012

Prostituting journalism

This was the editorial of today's Sunday Observer. I thought it interesting enough to be worth sharing.

Apparently, INGO's and Foreign Missions (any guesses as to which ones?) are behind this dastardly plot. Clearly people are annoyed by this but I wonder, why the perpetrators have been termed 'suicide journalists'?

Anyway, it was only last week that the Observer informed us that the alleged crime wave had been blown out of proportion. In that instance it was the open economy that was held to blame, although it does concede, correctly, that the new constitution, was  partly to blame.

The faults of that constitution have been extended of late, mostly recently the 18th amendment. 


Patta Pal said...

I read the editorial through your link. It looks so much like the editorial itself is exactly what they are complaining about.

The only difference is that the word INGO has to be replaced by the people of Sri Lanka are financing this bankrupt paper that has seen its position fall to last from the first since the day it was nationalized.

What a pathetic one sided editorial by a worm who should be ashamed of being called an editor!

That is exactly what prostituting journalism is all about.

Thanks for pointing that out

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about prostituting journalism, don't forget to talk about Frederica Jansz and The Sunday Leader.

Jack Point said...

Er.. Anon, believe the editorial is all about Frederica Jansz and the Sunday Leader...?

Anonymous said...

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